Wouldn't you love it if you could burn away layers of fat and clean away layers of grime all in just 3 1/2 minutes a day?!?
With the Ab-Vac you can!

The Ab-Vac combines the toning power of an abdominal workout machine and the cleaning power of a vacuum cleaner. The result is a workout machine that will give you rock hard abs and clean sexy carpets.

  • No more hours at the gym!
  • No more working out on a filthy rug!
  • No more sacrificing fitness for sanitation!
  • You can have it all!*
  • Cleaning and Fitness together at last!

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    Ab-Vac Merchandise!
    Tell the world how you shape your abs and clean your floor!

    Ab-Vac t-shirts printed by CafePress.

    Hot, sexy abs and carpets!

    Work away the calories from that fast food burger while you vacuum away the lettuce that fell off of it.

    The Ab-Vac makes a great Gift!

    With the gift of an Ab-Vac, you can tell that special someone, "I think you are fat AND sloppy!"

    9 out of 10 washed up actors agree: "I would endorse the Ab-Vac if you offered me a little more money."

    [Insert Outrageous Claim Here]!!

    Throw away the expensive exercise equipment! Send all those vacuum cleaners to the dump! Save time and space with just one Ab-Vac.

    "The Ab-Vac changed my life! I lost weight and cleaned my floor!**"
    -- Sean O'Connell, Sleetsville, Louisiana.

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    All offers are limited to stock on hand.
    Some offers not valid in most states.

    Order now and we will also send the revolutionary new Ab-Sweep with roto-sweep cleaning/exercising action.

    The Ab-Sweep is the perfect compact abdominal cleaning system.

    Worried about losing your fitness and cleaning habits while on vacation?

    Concerned about the sanitation of the hotel carpet?

    Bring the Ab-Sweep along and sweep your worries away.

    No it's not magic, it's our patented Roto-Sweep technology, designed specifically to work your abs and lower back while cleaning up small messes.

    Tone: Clean:
    Family Room
    Dining Room
    Carpeted Carports

    For pricing, special offers, and further information about the benefits of owning an Ab-Vac please view our infomercial.

    Don't hire a maid, don't talk to a trainer, get the Ab-Vac and Ab-Sweep today!

    *Disclaimer: "it all" may or may not include "anything."
    **Results not typical.